Plan fun team building activities for your company this Autumn. Enchanted Springs Ranch is the perfect outdoors large venue for team building exercises. Just 25 minutes away from the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio, the Texas hill country is the perfect place for outdoor team building and fun. The rustic landscape changes colors, the weather chills, and the beautiful natural scenery changes before your eyes.

Between Summer and Winter is the perfect season of the year for team building – Fall! Take advantage of beautiful Fall weather in South Texas and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether it is team bonding or just leisurely fun, provide a unique and fun space for whatever brings your team together.

If you’re coordinating a team-building event for a large group, you need a large space to spread out. With 6 acres of indoor and outdoor space, Enchanted Springs Ranch is a picturesque space with beautiful festoon lights lit throughout.

Fall events are the perfect time for campfires and s’ mores. Enjoy the weather with your work friends and take part in the classic pastime of roasting marshmallows. DIY s’ mores and a rustic campfire provides a wonderful spot for team building exercises, ice breakers, or performances.

ESR has three large campfire pits that are lit by the staff. And if you’re worried about the supplies, ESR also provides DIY S’ mores kits complete with jumbo marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate, and large roasting sticks.

While you are enjoying the time with fellow employees, set the scene with the ranch’s town-wide audio system and provide a soundtrack that fits the moment. We can play the classics, or if you have the perfect playlist, we can play that too. A town-wide PA system also assists in communicating to groups spread out and can help coordinate movement and ensure the event runs smoothly and on your schedule.

Whenever you’re planning an event (especially in South Texas) indoor contingency planning is a must. With two climate-controlled indoor venues, Enchanted Springs Ranch has plenty of room for a variety of team building games. Silver Spur Saloon has over 10,000 square feet of space for dining, dancing, lawn games, and more.

And if you’re bringing in your own exercises or ice breakers, you’re going to need private space to store your index cards or jigsaw puzzles. Provide a comfortable meeting space for group workshops. Both indoor saloons have built-in stages and in-house audio systems that are provided at no extra cost with venue rentals.

For groups of all sizes, ESR has a variety of company team building activities for work colleagues that provide truly unique Texas-inspired fun. Below are a few of our favorites that also allow for social distancing and can be easily sanitized between uses.

Mechanical Bull Ride

Enchanted Springs Ranch has a brand-new mechanical bull room that features a huge mechanical bull, inflatable padded pen, dozens of fun old west costumes, and a built-in sound system. With a full-size chalkboard scoreboard, break out into teams or score individually and encourage some friendly competition. With gentle settings, the activity can be enjoyed by many and gives your event some classic entertainment with modern safety features.

Back 40 Tractor Wagon Ride

If you are looking for a casual activity that all guests can relax and enjoy, then hop on our covered tractor wagon. You and your guests ride through the Texas hill country and view exotic wildlife and native texas longhorns. With a built-in sound system, guests can also enjoy some country classics while snapping pics with fellow guests.

Six-Gun Fast Draw Shooting

Just like in the movies, with the backdrop of an Old West town, take aim and pop some balloons with gun shooting blanks. Turn it into a friendly competition and keep score or just enjoy the unique pastime with colleagues. Tailor the event to fit your goals and needs and ensure that each individual activity is supporting your overall event demands.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunts are classic team exercises that encourage teamwork and critical thinking. With an entire town to explore, ESR scavenger hunts provide a fun take on the company team building idea. With interactive buildings like a Jail and a General Store, your teammates will love exploring the town together and working as a unit.

Quick Tip: If you’re worried about fitting in multiple activities within a time limit, consider breaking out guests into multiple groups and rotating in 30 minutes or more at each station or activity.

Enchanted Springs Ranch provides a team that is experienced in assisting with the planning and execution of successful events. You tell us what your goals and objectives are and we can assist you in planning a meaningful experience for your company.

Small-Group team building is a great way to introduce employees to each other and strengthen pre-existing relationships. For a more in-depth look at team building, check out our other blog that details the in’s and out’s of planning an event that your coworkers will love.

In this day and age, there are many additional factors that play into planning an event. Social distancing and sanitizing are now event essentials that have to be considered when planning corporate outings. ESR is staying up to date with the latest info and can provide the additional manpower you need to throw successful small-group events.

Now more than ever, group collaboration and gathering has to be innovative and safe. ESR is a private ranch that can provide secluded, sanitized spaces for small gatherings that can still achieve your goals and accommodate indoor and outdoor activities, rain or shine.

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