The Advantage of Team Building in the Work Place

What is team building? What are the benefits of team building? Read along to discover the many advantages of quality team building that results in a better work environment. Enchanted Springs Ranch offers a variety of team building activities to inspire, engage and bond employees!

Wow! Can you believe that we are already almost to August? Summer is coming and going very quickly. With the end of summer marks the start of a new season. This new season is a wonderful time to reignite your employees! Team building is a great way to reenergize and strengthen relationships between coworkers.

In this blog we are wrapping up the top 5 reasons to incorporate team building at into your business model!

Allow your employees the opportunity to spend time together outside of the office!

There is nothing more fun than moving your typical office environment somewhere different and new! It’s exciting for employees to get to spend time together outside of the office. There is no better place to hold team building than on a working ranch! This setting is much different than the typical office setting. It pushes employees out of their comfort zone while allowing them to work together in a new capacity. Business professionals love spending time on the ranch. It’s always nice to trade in your typical business casual for something a little more comfy and western!

Team building

Employees experience quality bonding time!

Team building drastically increases the bonding and developing of relationships between coworkers. In order for individuals to work well together, it is important to build a stable foundation for their work relationship. Your employees will love spending time together outside the office. Team building is a great ice breaker and employees will have the chance to spend time with people they might not know very well. After successfully completing the team building activities, your employees will have a new sense for the word “team”.

Team building awards

Planning a team building activity helps show your employees that you are invested in them!

Every employee loves feeling noticed and appreciated. What better way to show your employees that you are invested in them than planning a special time for them to develop as a team? Enchanted Springs Ranch can provide a full team-building schedule for you and your team. Whether you are looking for morning, afternoon, or a full day of activities, ESR has you covered! We will make sure to include time for activities, challenges and spending quality time together. Your employees will love all the fun the ranch has to offer.

ESR team building

Team building will increase brainstorming, problem solving and communication between coworkers!

Any good team building practice is designed to have your employees work together to reach a common goal. It is important for employees to take away a common theme or realization. Whether it’s a relay race, scavenger hunt, strategic planning activity or friendly competition, your employees are sure to take away a new skill from their day of team building at the ranch! Team building is proven to improve communication and problem solving skills.

Team building activity

Increased motivation in employees!

Many individuals feel inspired and rejuvenated after a quality team building session! It is important to schedule your team building around your work schedule. Maybe your business has an important event coming up, you’ll want to make sure everyone is motivated and working together. Maybe you are moving into a new season and need to make sure everyone is prepared and on the same page. Maybe your business or company has recently transitioned to new management or ownership, it is important to spend time building your team to be the best they can be!

Team building ESR

Feeling inspired? Call Enchanted Springs Ranch to hear all about the team building opportunities we offer! Team building for August is filling up quickly! To learn more about some of the activities we offer, check out the ‘Ranch Activities, Y’all!’ blog for more info. #EnchantedSpringsRanch